Modern Keno

Modern Keno is a very easy game to play, and live venues that offer it tend to take whatever steps they can to make things as convenient as possible for the player. For example, some venues have members of staff that walk around offering to place wagers on the game on the player’s behalf. That allows players to continue doing something else – playing the slot machines, for example – and still take advantage of the chance to win big on the Keno game. When bets have been placed, the staff member returns and gives the player an official receipt so that any winnings can be claimed from the kiosk in the usual manner.

Each round of modern Keno, which usually involves 20 numbers being drawn from the range 1 to 80, is generally referred to as a race. Players can choose to buy tickets for the next available race or for multiple races, with some venues allowing players to buy tickets for up to 1,000 consecutive races in advance. This is a very useful facility, especially in places like Las Vegas, where casino patrons can start playing Keno on the day of their arrival and continue playing until the day of their departure even if they aren’t physically on the casino floor for the duration of their stay.

Obviously, the more races a player enters in advance, the less likely he or she is to be around for all of the drawings as they take place, so venues which offer this facility usually give participants plenty of time in which to claim any prizes due to them. The exact amount of time allowed will normally depend on the number of races played in advance. A 30 day claim period is quite common, but a few venues give players as much as a year in which to claim their prizes.

Some establishments that offer modern Keno allow players to make bets that differ from the traditional ones. For example, some venues give players the opportunity to bet on multiple ways to win in a given race, whilst others allow players to bet on whether or not the numbers drawn will favour a particular range, such as 01-40 or 41-80. These betting opportunities vary from venue to venue.


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