Keno versus Bingo and Lottery Games

Keno is closely related to both Bingo and Lottery games, but it would be a big mistake to consider all three games equal. Yes, they all involve trying to win prizes by selecting numbers and matching them with other numbers that are drawn at random, but there are plenty of differences between the games that make them uniquely appealing to different people. In a few moments we will highlight some of the biggest ways in which Keno differs, but first we should briefly outline, in general terms, how Bingo and Lottery are usually played…

Bingo games involve multiple players being assigned unique grids of numbers for the same game. The players then have to mark their grids as they match numbers that are drawn in the bingo game itself. Prizes are awarded to the first players who achieve a particular marking pattern on their grids – such as a horizontal or diagonal line. When all of the prizes for the game have been won, the Bingo game ends and no further numbers are drawn.

Lottery games also involve multiple players, but in most games the players get to choose their own numbers to play. When the game is played, a specified quantity of winning numbers is drawn at random, and players who match sufficient of those numbers win a prize. It is usually the case that a player must match all of the main numbers drawn to win the jackpot, and if no player succeeds in that feat they must wait until the next game for their next chance to win the jackpot.

Moving on to the differences between Keno and the other games mentioned, the first thing that we would like to highlight is the fact that, although multiple people can participate at the same time, Keno can also be played by solo players. Unlike Bingo, there is no need to wait for a certain number of players to get involved, and the game will begin at a scheduled time regardless of whether there are one or one hundred participants.

Next, the value of prizes is fixed. In Lottery games – and often in Bingo games too – the values of the prizes that can be won are determined by the number of people who are taking part. In Keno, the values of the prizes that can be won are determined solely by the quantity of numbers elected, the quantity of numbers matched and the amount of money that is wagered by the player.

Another advantage over the other games is the number of draws that take place in any given day. Keno games take less than a minute to play, so there are usually at least several draws per hour when playing in an offline setting and online games can be played on demand. This makes Keno far more convenient for the player than Bingo or Lottery games.

As you can see, Keno boasts a number of advantages that Bingo and Lottery games do not, and it is those advantages that will helpit to remain as popular in the years ahead as it has been in decades past.


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